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Downtown Improvements


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Downtown Improvements project information from Fiscal Year 2015 Budget (Project No. 10304)

Construction Start Date: Spring 2012     Estimated Completion Date: Summer 2019
Project Manager: Scott Parker 703-771-2771 / Tom Brandon 703-737-6067

Aerial view of downtown Leesburg

Project Description:  The purpose of this project is to implement improvements within the Old and Historic District to help it regain its vitality. The planned improvements will enhance accessibility for pedestrians, improve safety for motorized vehicles, and enrich the aesthetics downtown. Improvements include new and widened sidewalks, traffic calming, and landscaping / hardscape improvements.

The project will be constructed in phases, which include:

Phase I

  • Walkways between the Town parking garage and South King Street (completed in spring 2013)
    • Improved crosswalks across the alley at both pedestrian entrances to the garage
    • Improved drainage
    • Replaced brick walkways in the two alleys
    • Landscaping
    • Decorative lights  

Downtown Improvements Alley Before Downtown Improvements Walkways Rendering   Downtown Improvements Alley Completed

Alley Before Improvements

 Rendering of Alley Improvements

 Alley Improvements Completed in Spring 2013

  • East End Triangle (intersection of East Market Street and Loudoun Street) - completed in spring 2013
    • Removal of the existing utility pole
    • New curb and gutter to define parking at the triangle
    • Hardscape and landscape improvements at the triangle, with a retaining wall, decorative lights, and plantings

Downtown Improvements East End Triangle Before  Downtown Improvements East End Triangle Rendering  Downtown Improvements Triangle Completed

East End Triangle Before Improvements

 Rendering of East End Triangle Improvements

 East End Triangle Improvements Completed in Spring 2013

Phase II - Loudoun Street, between South King Street and East Market Street

  • Widened brick sidewalks east of Church Street
     Downtown Improvements Loudoun St Walkways Before  Downtown Improvements Loudoun St Rendering

    Loudoun Street Walkways
    Before Improvements 

    Loudoun Street Walkways

  • Modification of the Loudoun Street/Harrison Street intersection
  • Street trees
  • Decorative street lights
  • Replacement of the handrail at the crossing of the concrete-lined drainage ditch across from the County parking garage
  • Street Furniture  

Phase III - King Street between North Street and Royal StreetDowntown Improvements King St Rendering

  •  Widened brick sidewalks
  • Improved crosswalks at the intersections
  • Raised, mid-block crosswalk between Loudoun and Market Streets
  • Street trees
  • Decorative street lights
  • Street furniture


Future Phases

A wide variety of additional improvements to the downtown were evaluated during the Master Plan process.  These include improvements to pedestrian and bicycle facilities, and other aesthetic improvements. 

Continuing Outreach: 

Town staff continues to provide information to the public on the status of the project via e-mail. To received regular e-mail updates, contact Scott Parker at

Downtown Improvements Completed Alley 2

Alley Construction Completed in Spring 2013

Project Contracts: 

  • Designer - AECOM
  • Phase I Construction Contractor - Madigan Construction Inc. 
  • Loudoun Street Improvements (King St to Church St) Construction Contractor - Arthur Construction Company, Inc.
  • Loudoun Street Waterline Construction Contractor - DeBorn Construction, Inc. (awarded by Town Council Resolution 2014-034 on March 25, 2014)
  • King Street Improvements (Loudoun St to Cornwall St) Construction Contractor - Arthur Construction Company, Inc.
  • King Street Improvements (Loudoun St to Royal St) Construction Contractor - Arthur Construction Company, Inc.

Project Documents:

Project Updates:

As of October 6, 2014 - The following is a detailed schedule of the construction related activities for the balance of the project. All work will be done at night unless otherwise indicated.

King Street (East Side) - Loudoun St to South of Cornwall St: The contractor has completed replacing the brick sidewalk in front of the Courthouse on North King Street north of Market Street.

The contractor has also completed installing all new storm drainage structures on the block of South King Street between Loudoun Street and Market Street. The contractor is currently working on replacing the brick sidewalk on that block.

This phase of the project includes replacing curb and gutter, installing concrete cradles where necessary, new bricks, electric conduit and junction boxes for new street lights. This work does NOT include intersection of Market Street and King Street. 

Waterline Replacement - East End Triangle to Harrison St: This phase of work is underway, with waterline replacement beginning at Harrison Street and being installed towards Market Street.  This work is being performed at night between the hours of 7:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. During this construction, this block of Loudoun Street will be closed and traffic will be detoured at night around the construction work zone using East Market Street and Harrison Street. The street will be reopened to traffic each morning.

Spring 2015: Begin North side of Loudoun Street from Harrison Street to East End Triangle: Create new brick sidewalk. 
South side of Loudoun Street, Church Street to Harrison Street: Utility relocation, widen sidewalk, new bricks, conduit and pedestals for new streetlights, create new bridge wall across from County garage entrance. Harrison Street to East End: Replace concrete sidewalk with brick sidewalk, install conduit and pedestals for streetlights, add landscaping.  Note that relocation of utility poles on the south side of Loudoun Street between Church Street and Harrison Street is currently underway.

Spring 2015: West side of King Street, Loudoun Street to North Street and east side of North King Street from south of Cornwall Street to North Street: New curb and gutter, widen sidewalks, add mid-block crosswalk, conduit and junction boxes for streetlights, crosswalk improvements.

Spring 2016: Final paving, street print of crosswalks, streetlights.