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Community Document Shredding Events


Thank you to all the participants who attended the September 20, 2014 shred event at Heritage High School! The event drew over 400 participants and along with collecting 13,240 lbs. of shredded material, the Town also raised $261 and collected over 500 lbs. of food for Loudoun Interfaith Relief's food pantry. We appreciate the support from all of our attendees! Our next event will be in the spring of 2015.
Please check back in April/May for more information.

     May 2011 Shred Event

Every year, millions of Americans become victims of identity theft. Many don’t believe it could happen to them – until it’s too late. Identity theft costs citizens billions of dollars in recovery efforts and can seriously damage credit ratings and cause extreme financial and emotional hardship for its victims. Thieves may obtain sensitive information from trash cans, recycling containers and other public disposal locations.



May 2011 Shred Event       
In an effort to help reduce identity theft and to promote recycling, the Town of Leesburg’s Department of Public Works hosts FREE community document shredding events. Papers are shredded on-site in the vendor’s portable shredding unit. We have had great turnouts at all of our events - to date, almost 3700 people have participated and a whopping 156,00+lbs. of paper has been collected and recycled!


 Please keep in mind the following when preparing items to bring to be shredded:

Account numbers (credit card statement, bank statements, cancelled or unused checks, receipts, utility bills, tax documents, etc.)         CD’s, floppy disks or DVD’s
Birth dates (school records, financial applications, etc.) Specialty paper/material such as photos, carbon copy paper, blueprints, Tyvek envelopes, slides, negatives
Passwords and PINs (bank and credit card records, etc.) Binder clips, rubber bands, fasteners (paperclips and staples may be left on papers)
Signatures (any forms or documents containing your signature, cancelled checks, etc.) 3-ring binders, spiral notebooks, soft or hard-cover books
Social Security numbers (financial applications, tax documents, etc.) Plastics, including credit cards
Junk mail (any credit card offers, loan applications containing your personal information, courtesy checks from credit cards) 

*Box size equivalent to the size of a file storage box (approx. 10" x 12" x 24") or bags equivalent to the size of kitchen trash bags (approx. 30 gallons or less).

 For more information, please e-mail the Department of Public Works or phone 703-771-2790.